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Corrosion prevention is essential to business because corrosion is a phenomenon affecting many different industries and sectors. Corrosion is a persistent enemy, which requires strong defences and rigorous preventative measures.


At Vapor-Tek, we specialise in corrosion prevention solutions, with unique, innovative products with the power to protect you from corrosion and its potentially devastating consequences.

How Does Corrosion Happen?

Corrosion happens when there is deterioration in metal through chemical interaction with the environment. Corrosion usually refers to metals and iron as steel in particular.

The chemistry behind corrosion involves two reactions. Firstly, there is an anodic reaction, when the iron goes into a ferrous ion solution. Secondly, there is a cathodic solution, where the ions released through the first reaction meet a part of the surface where they react, which removes them from the metal.

Once these reactions have occurred, the corrosion process begins.

Stimulation of either reaction, anodic or cathodic can release aggressive ions such as chloride, which will increase the corrosion in the metal.

Corrosion occurs in humid and damp environments and when metal comes into contact with acidic substances.

It produces harmful effects in metal, which can then affect the lifespan and performance of machinery, appliances, equipment, buildings and vehicles.

The Effects of Corrosion

Corrosion is a natural process, resulting from chemical and atmospheric conditions, and its consequences, while varied, are damaging.

It reduces the thickness of metal, which then means a loss of mechanical strength and the potential for structural breakdown. If corrosion is sufficiently localised, there need not be much of it to cause damaging, structural cracks.

Corrosion can contaminate fluids in pipes and containers. This can then pose health risks, such as contaminated drinking water. It can also damage pipes, causing leaks, and further damage from leaked liquid spreading into the surrounding environment.

It may also block pipes, leading to other problems.

It can damage machinery and equipment such as valves and pumps, and it can also reduce electrical conductivity and surface reflectivity.

Corrosion can lead to threats to health and safety, both in and out of the workplace, and it can be costly in terms of downtime, maintenance and mechanical or operational failures.

Who Does Corrosion Affect?

Corrosion affects infrastructure and business, including both the private and public sectors.

It can impact on production and manufacturing, on transportation and utilities, and on specialist sectors such as the military. 

However, while it is a natural process, with serious consequences, it is also a controllable one.

Corrosion Protection

Vapor-Tek has three corrosion protection product ranges:

  • Steelgard
  • Vaporol
  • Cablegard.

Steelgard is a fluid, applied by spray, brush, swab or through dipping. It forms a protective film, providing a protective coating against corrosion.

Vaporol is a unique spray application that protects the interiors and unseen areas of metal structures and other items against corrosion.

Cablegard is a cold applied anticorrosive grease, specially formulated to fight corrosion on overhead power conductors.

Corrosion is a relentless enemy of industry and infrastructure, and it can strike in a wide variety of places and circumstances, which is why our approach to corrosion protection is multi-faceted.

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