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Owners of classic motor cars face corrosion problems constantly, as do all motorists, but when your vehicle is one of the last remaining, the cost of failure is so much higher than it would ordinarily be. EMF151 is a Classic Ford CX Tourer first registered July 9th, 1936, and by 2013 was one of only 26 remaining examples of the original 1795 built. We have no idea how many are left today, but it won’t be many. The CX has a 10BHP Side valve 1172cc engine and was made in Dagenham. Used regularly, she starts on the key first time, pretty much every time. In 1984 she resided at the Ford heritage collection at Dagenham in what must not have been ideal conditions, but it brings shivers down the spine thinking about the cost of keeping conditions. A quick search on Google reveals an old, industrial building, a far cry from the operating theatre like conditions of Williams motorsport et al.