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Did you know that Steelgard is certified for use by the Military? Steelgard is manufactured to Ministry of Defence standard 68-10, PX-24 and NATO Specification C-634. This pedigree ensures that Steelgard is suitable for military use the world over. Singapore is not a member of NATO, but in Military terms is friendly with the UK, The USA, Australia and New Zealand. The Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF) is 50 years old and boasts 13,500 personnel and has 276 aircraft including: F15 & F16 Fighter Aircraft, Apache, Seahawk, Chinook & Super Puma Helicopters, C130 Hercules, Fokker Transport aircraft as well as In-Flight Fuelling & Early warning capabilities, and UAVs The Airforce has seen action in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been part of the international Intervention force targeting ISIL. The RSAF is a well-equipped organisation and describes itself as a “first world air force” The RSAF has its own version of the Red Arrows, the Black Knights who were first formed in 1973 at Tengah Air Base, and the official aerobatic team and have been performing on an ad-hoc basis since its inception, with volunteer pilots drawn from various front-line squadrons within the RSAF.