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Steelgard Expert Colin Jones

Got a question about Steelgard? How, when, where and what it can be used for and on? Ask our expert – with over 35 years in the corrosion prevention market – what Colin doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!!

Colin Jones – The Steelgard Expert

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Colin Asked: Is Steelgard better than ACF50 or Scottoiler FS365?

Colin Asked: Is Steelgard better than ACF50 or Scottoiler FS365?

Hi Colin, Steelgard was originally formulated to comply with the requirements of M.O.D specification PX-24 (corrosion preventive compound, water-displacing) amongst its many uses in service with the military is the protection and preservation of gas turbines engines. The specification calls for a highly efficient de-watering fluid and with corrosion preventive properties that perform in the field. The coating has to be easy to apply, burn ash-less and leave no residue when the engines are fired up.
As such it is an easy material to use and is suited to motorcycle application. As a motorcyclist myself I would use it after washing to de-water the bike and displace moisture from hidden nooks and crannies.
It will impart a 2-micron protective film and leave the surface free from moisture. The thicker messier coatings whilst appearing to give a heavy duty protective film are not necessarily good water-displacing fluids, and they can attract and harbour dirt, and be difficult to remove..
Regards Colin

Eddie Asked: Can Steelgard be used to lubricate clutch, Brake & Throttle Cables?

Eddie Asked: Can Steelgard be used to lubricate clutch, Brake  Throttle Cables?

Hi Eddie, Steelgard is an excellent penetrating fluid and lubricant and is suitable for lubricating cables. In certain cases, the cables are routed so as to have a bend or a kink in them where moisture ingress can cause corrosion and ultimately cable failure or sticking.
In this sort of situation, it is advisable to flood the cable with Steelgard in order to displace and push out any residual water, leaving behind a moisture repellent and lubricating film. Regards Colin

GAZ asked: Can I apply Steelgard to my wet Bike?

GAZ asked: Can I apply Steelgard to my wet Bike?

Hi Gaz, Steelgard Advanced 5-in-1 maintenance Fluid is ideal for your Motor Bike and can be applied to a dry clean engine, or directly after washing. Steelgard is a very effective de-watering fluid, which will displace any residual moisture on the metal surface and leave a light oily protective film behind. A very good friend of mine competes in Moto-X at national and international level. After any competition, the power washes the bike down then sprays all the engine, frame and running gear with the Steelgard to de-water and preserve.
There might be a very small amount of light smoke from where any material that has landed on the exhaust, but steelgard is formulated to burn ashless and leave no residue. Please feel free to visit the Maufacturer’s Website – WWW.VAPOR-TEK.CO.UK  website, or contact me directly via the website contact form on the right.
Regards, Colin

Alan asked: Where can I buy Steelgard from

Alan asked: Where can I buy Steelgard from

Hi Alan Steelgard Advanced 5-in-1 maintenance Fluid is available from our WEB SHOP, and from our eBay shop, and shortly from Amazon

Regards, Scott

Is Steelgard a good product?

Is Steelgard a good product?

Absolutely… Here is what some of our customers have to say:-
JW Says… It does exactly what it says on the tin. Won a can of in the recent prize draw and have tried it out on my shotgun with excellent results. Also cleaned up a wood plane which had got a bit rusty, it now looks like new. Great product
FZ Says… One of the clients who manufacture sand blasting machines, have used SteelGard spray to protect the open end of the shafts in the bearings of transfer tables feeding the parts to the machine. The machine trimmed shaft ends, being exposed to air, always rust very fast after assembly. SteelGard spray gives a simple way to apply the preventive exactly where required. The thin invisible layer of protective film does a great job in preventing rust on the shaft ends.
LH Says… What a great all round quality product. I’ve used lots of different sprays/lubricants over the years and this one just does everything on the tin!
JC Says… I was one of the 12 winners of a can of Steel gard and I used it for my motorbike and really impressed with the product. Will be buying more products in the future


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Wish to market your product in Pakistan Kindly send me details
Saeed Tariq
Saeed Tariq
I’ve used the stuff ever since finding it in my employers arsenal against rust, it’s since been used on my bikes, car, gate and a load more things around the home.Move over ACF50 and WD40 you’ve had your time, the big boy has arrived on the market.read more
Shaun Higson
Shaun Higson
I can 100% recommend this product. It is the best product on the market in my eyes.
Melissa Makin
Melissa Makin
I can't speak highly enough about the service I received by this company. Their approach to customer support is second to none! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the product performs. Thank you once again folks for you refreshing and professional approach to dealing with people.read more
Aidan James
Aidan James
Won a can of Steelguard in the recent prize draw and can say it does exactly what it says on the tin. tried it out on a shotgun with great results. Also cleaned up a rusty wood plane which has come up like new. Great productread more
John Willis
John Willis
First class seller thank you 😊
***TWO*** Steelgard Rust Prevention Spray - outperforms ACF50 & WD40
18-07-2019 13:04:27
Great stuff, good price; and delivered 4 days before estimate! Happy.
***TWO*** Steelgard Rust Prevention Spray - outperforms ACF50 & WD40
13-07-2019 17:30:44
Time will tell how good the product is, but pleased with price and quick dispatc
Steelgard Rust Prevention Spray & Advanced 5in1 Maintenance Fluid WD40 ACF50
19-06-2019 19:46:56
No probs.
***TWO*** Steelgard Rust Prevention Spray - The Bikers Friend - TWO for £12.99
28-06-2019 14:44:35
superb service, AAA+++ seller
Rust Prevention Spray - Steelgard High performance spray superior to WD40 ACF50
10-07-2019 14:02:32