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Steelgard 400ml

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STEELGARD 400ml Rust prevention Spray

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STEELGARD 400ml Aerosol

STEELGARD Is an advanced 5-in-1 Maintainance Fluid and Rust Prevention Spray for:

  • Displacing moisture
  • Starting Damp Engines
  • Corrosion control
  • Lubrication
  • Cleaning
  • Penetration

Used in Industry since 1967 & Proudly Made in Bolton, England, STEELGARD is only recently available to the general public and is already attracting a huge following from the Motorcycling Enthusiast, Canal Barge owner and Classic Car Restorer.

Vapor-Tek Steelgard Rust Prevention spray protects all major metals and alloys, is easy to apply, spreads and penetrates, has impressive water displacing properties, neutralises fingerprints, coats complete assemblies, protects from Rust & Corrosion, AND dries cleanly, clear and non-sticky.
All-in-One super fluid STEELGARD from Vapor-Tek quite literally has 1001 uses from the Garden Shed to the Squeaky Hinge, The Classic Car to a Pit Bike, 1002 uses if you count the Oil for the Squeaky Wheel!

Steelgard – Rust Prevention Spray

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Aerosol 400ml

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Highly Flammable – Keep out of the reach of Children.


Do not spray on LIVE electrical Components – See product container for details.


Wear gloves & safety glasses, Avoid prolonged skin contact.