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Vaporol Combined Vapour Phase Inhibitor & Contact Inhibitor Oil

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Combined VPI (Vapour Phase Inhibitor)

Protects the inside of things from Rust & Corrosion


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Protects the inside of things from Rust & Corrosion

VAPOR-TEK VAPOROL wonder oil protects things from rust & corrosion from the INSIDE!!! Clean, Simple, Quick & cost-effective. will protect the inside of your Engine, Gearbox, Axle or differential…Also superb to prolong the life of your metal parts on the shelf! Vaporol really is a wonder oil!!!!!!!
We are happy to answer any questions you have – contact us via our contact form,  reach out using the ‘Ask our Experts’ facility of the Steelgard website.
Available to the public for the first time ever, direct from the manufacturer – Vaporol Combined Vapor Phase Inhibitor emits a protective vapour that coats the inside of your things. A dose of 250ml added to the engine oil of your Classic Car will ensure that when the oil galleries drain away the engine oil, the inside of your engine will remain protected from corrosion whilst you overwinter your pride and joy – Vaporol will keep protecting your engine for YEARS if required. NO need to drain your oil as Vaporol is completely safe and will be good until your next routine Oil change Also, use in your gearbox / Axle / Transfer case or differential.
Storing Steel parts? Simply paint/spray on Vapor-Tek Vaporol and store your parts in a sealed plastic bag and they will remain rust-free for YEARS!!!! INTRODUCTORY OFFER – For a Limited time only 250ml Vapor-Tek Vaporol – sufficient to protect 1 engine – Just add to your engine oil £12.99 with FREE shipping We aim to dispatch within two working days, but in most cases, we actually dispatch the next day. We ship by 3-day courier,

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