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Vaporol Vapour Phase Inhibitor

Vapour Phase Oil 

Stop things rusting from the Inside

Made in England since 1967

Stop internal rust in its tracks with Vaporol



With ordinary preservative oils, all surfaces have to be completely coated. This is especially true when you need to stop Internal rust.

This is often difficult and sometimes impossible.  Even when possible the oil will slowly drain away from surfaces with consequent loss of protection.  Vaporol has only to be present in the tank (or any enclosed system) – the vapours do the rest.  With more complex structures such as engines, gearboxes, etc., this means that the awkward and difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies can easily be protected. Vaporol is a simple way to stop internal rust.

A little goes a long way.  Also, since application is generally quick and simple, the time and labour saving can often more than offset the entire cost of the material.

Many years of experience with Vaporol has proved that it is a reliable, fast-acting (a matter of minutes) and long-lasting (years in many cases) means of protecting internal surfaces and mechanisms. Vaporol is nitrite free and does not contain volatile solvents or other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) damaging to the environment.  No chlorinated substances or heavy metals are present.



Use case – Filiform Corrosion prevention

The Story:

A  manufacturer has its steel frames manufactured in the far east. The final part of the manufacturing process is that the frames were sprayed with lacquer, placed into a plastic bag, the bag into a box and the box into a shipping container.

After a world cruise, the shipping container is delivered to the local manufacturer and then dispatched to a specialist to have the lacquer removed and frame cleaned to allow painting and assembly.

The Problem:

The lacquer has to be removed which adds time and cost to the manufacturing process.

The frames often presented with Filiform Corrosion – a type of corrosion that resembles fine filaments (worm-like threads) emanating from one or more defects in exposed bare metal. Quite simply, the lacquer only protects where it covers, which often is not total, particularly in difficult to cover joints and intricate areas.

The Solution:

Vapor-Tek manufacture Vaporol – a combined VPI (Vapour Phase Inhibitor) and Contact Inhibitor Oil or Vapour Phase Oil

Vaporol permeates oily vapours which allows corrosion protection to be effective from the inside of things. Vaporol only needs to present in a contained environment and these vapours will find their way into all these nooks and crannies, the intricate areas that would otherwise be missed.

The steel frames are sprayed with Vaporol, sealed inside a plastic bag and placed into a box – the same bag and box that was used previously – and shipped in the same container.

The now corrosion free frame merely arrives in pristine condition and only requires de-greasing before painting.

The whole protecting and packing process takes less than a minute, skips several processes and is less expensive and much better performing than the lacquer method

Vaporol Protects your spare parts

To keep a piece of metal rust-free can be a simple process. A good treatment with Steelgard and storage on the shelf is sufficient for many items and simple enough to do. What do you do with intricate metal parts that perhaps need to be protected from internal rust?

This can be quite tricky as you can’t protect the parts that you can’t reach. Imagine a spare engine from a classic car. This needs storing until needed and this can be a long time.


As an engine sits on the shelf, perhaps for years, all the oil will slowly drain through the oilways and galleries and collect in the oil sump, leaving a rust-free sump

Combustion leaves by-products behind on the internal surfaces and over time, corrosion will set in. Adding 250ml of Vapor-Tek Vaporol vapour phase oil will cure this corrosion as oily vapours permeate through the engine coating surfaces with corrosion preventive oils. 

No damage will be caused to the engine and you don’t even need to drain the Vaporol when you fit the engine. Vaporol Vapour Phase Inhibitor (Vapour Phase Oil) protects things from the inside!

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Aidan James
Aidan James
I was one of the 12 winners of a can of Steel gard and I used it for my motorbike and really impressed with the product. Will be buying more products in the future.read more
Jason Coulton
Jason Coulton
Won a can of Steelguard in the recent prize draw and can say it does exactly what it says on the tin. tried it out on a shotgun with great results. Also cleaned up a rusty wood plane which has come up like new. Great productread more
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John Willis